Cross-Cultural Pen Pal Program

This program has connected students at both Community School and Forsyth School with students at Sri Aurobindo’s Educational Academy and Society, NCI’s adopted school in South India. All participants improved their reading and writing skills and benefitted from understanding themselves and children from another culture.

Awareness Through the Body

We offer this mindfulness-training program at local schools and universities in St. Louis to enhance:

  • Concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Self-awareness
  •  NCI in Action Abroad

    NCI adopted The Sri Aruobindo’s Educational Academy and Society, an underserved school in South India. This school has embraced Integral Education into its curriculum. Through its funding and support, NCI has provided teacher training along with school supplies and educational materials.

    “…they got to know about us and our school.”
    -Student at Community School