Awareness Through the Body

Awareness Through the Body (ATB) is an experiential learning program that helps us to become more empathetic, self-aware, productive and focused. ATB is series of sequential activities that synthesize exercises from yoga, martial arts, mindfulness and other creative practices. In fact, the essence of ATB activities is to enhance our awareness of senses, the body, mind, and emotions to make qualities like concentration, relaxation, and mindfulness real. The program is suitable for adults and children alike and can be customized to the audience needs and age–group. The activities can be quiet, lively, simple or complicated, profound or just plain fun. As one 12 year old said, “When I think about ATB the first thing that comes to my mind is fun. And another thing that comes to my mind is concentration. In ATB I learned how to get quiet inside and how to pay attention to one thing for a while.”

ATB Workshops Awareness Through the Body

We offer this mindfulness-training program at local schools and universities in St. Louis to enhance:

  • Concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Self-awareness

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