Since we depend upon volunteer initiative - in time, talent, and donations - to organize and fund teachers' workshops, pen pal projects, and support for infrastructure, school supplies, and essential nutrition, we invite you today to be  generous as you can. 100% of your donations will be used for NCI initiatives. Please join us in our effort to foster a spirit of mindfulness and Self Discovery among teachers, parents, and students in St Louis and beyond!

Current & Upcoming Projects:

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Yoga Mats

Sponsored 80+ Yoga mats worth $25 each for local schools in St.Louis. Increase the number to 200+ by December 2022.


Awareness through Body regular workshops & virtual sessions for working professionals and homemakers to practice simple techniques of self-discovery & mindfulness.

NCI successfully organized 30+ free sessions covering various aspects of ATB during covid 19 lockdown. We will be organizing regular workshops & many more sessions for teachers in St.Louis in the coming days.


Sponsored Aurogames for kids locally and globally to increase the capacity of attention & concentration.


Provide essential nutrition to the kids at our adopted School in India on regular basis for curbing malnutrition


Provided full & partial scholarships for 300+ students  over the last 5 years.


Provided technological advancement by sponsoring computer labs (partially) and distributing tablets.


Provide education material to enhance learning opportunities among kids at the school. These include puzzles and learning kits.

Here are some examples of what your support can purchase.

Photo of books and supplies


will support books & school supplies for one child per year.
Photo of school children at desks


will provide classroom furniture for one child
Photo of school children eating


will provide essential nutrition for one child per year
Photo of a yoga mat


Yoga mats. Yoga helps to increase focus & concentration among kids
Photo of children playing games


Aurogames. Helps to support learning and understanding, while allowing space for mistakes.
Photo of people with balloons


ATB workshops / Teacher training in St.Louis (2-day sessions)

Photo of teacher and students


will provide one of the following:

  • Cross cultural tool kit for St Louis school classroom
  • Training for a teacher in India.
  • Online mindfulness workshop for teacher in St. Louis
Photo of boy reading


will provide education for one child per year
Photo of school boys eating bananas


will provide essential nutrition for 10 children per year
Photo of class with teacher


will support salary for one teacher per year at our adopted school in India

NCI is volunteer-driven and we welcome your time, talent and connections.

Through your continued generosity we will be able to provide education to children who otherwise will not receive any education & will be able to expand our current projects in St Louis area and internationally.

All donations are tax-deductible, which are allowed by law.

Please consider a donation of:

$10, $25, $50, $100, $300, or other amount.

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Contributions can be mailed by check to:
New Creation International
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Creve Coeur, MO 63141

We are ever grateful for your support!