Focus on Individuals- Schools and Communities

Strengthen existing connections with Schools and local community

Expand cross-cultural awareness programs

Promote Self-Awareness Programs

Support SAEA, NCI’s adopted school in India

Expanding NCI’s outreach

New Creation International (NCI) was formed in 2013. NCI is an organization dedicated to assisting children of developing nations in becoming conscious, creative, Global Citizens through the promotion and practices of Integral Education. NCI works with schools and organizations throughout the United States collaborating with communities in need and creating partnerships that develop cross-cultural learning programs and international educational opportunities.

Teacher and student in IndiaThe Integral Education Model is a project based education method. The model emphasizes self-discovery and encourages the joy of learning for its own sake and integrity, harmony and beauty in all aspects of human being. The model supports the development of children as they grow into conscious, creative and responsible individuals who are prepared to actively participate in society and contribute to the global community.

Through the use of Integral Education teaching techniques, NCI fosters the development of cross cultural awareness and collaborations between students and teachers in geographically dispersed communities.

NCI works with educators throughout the world to integrate Integral Education learning opportunities into their curriculum and to promote cross cultural communication between the United States and other countries.

NCI supports local educational systems by training educators in the principles and techniques of the Integral Education Model.

NCI assists children in economically disadvantaged communities by equipping them with the resources necessary to support active learning, including necessary food, clothing, and school supplies.

Statement of Need

Worldwide, there are 57 million children of primary-school age without access to an educational classroom. Basic education has long been triumphed as a key to lifting people out of poverty and economic development. Of the world’s illiterate people, 35% live in India. India still lacks the basic infrastructure to educate many of its people despite recent economic growth. The majority of Indian children attend government or municipal schools with inadequate facilities & equipment, undertrained teachers, and inadequate curriculum. This is especially true in rural Indian communities.

In India today, almost 40% of students do not complete their education. Those who do graduate, often do so without becoming literate or developing the problem solving, critical thinking, and cultural awareness skill necessary to become Global Citizens.


Integral Education is an educational process through which students are provided, as part of the educational process, an opportunity to interact with students around the world to develop and work on collaborative projects and solve community problems. Through the processes of Integral Education students are able to better understand the diversity of world views and cultures and develop into conscious, creative Global Citizens