Teacher and students in IndiaNew Creation International (NCI) helps children become conscious, creative, global citizens through the promotion and practices of Integral Education.


A Global Citizen is a person who understands the importance of World connectivity. A Global Citizen has developed a personal and professional familiarity and respect for the diversity of world views and cultures.

Integral Education is an educational process through which students are provided a dynamic group learning environment. It encourages conscious decision making, personal introspection, self-discovery, innovation, and respect for individual differences and cultures.

Teacher and students in IndiaNew Creation International envisions the development of a world-wide network of educational systems that fosters the development of Global Citizens who are positioned to reshape communities and solve World challenges.


NCI envisions a world where children get an education that will help them develop into whole, productive and vibrant global citizens.

Organizational Goals:

  • NCI will seek to encourage educators to provide learning opportunities as a part of their curriculum that promote cross cultural communication and collaboration between students in the United States and students in economically disadvantages communities around the World.
  • Promote and support the teachings of Integral Education both locally and internationally by training educators in the principles and techniques of Integral Education.
  • Aids children in economically disadvantaged communities by equipping them with the resources necessary to support active learning including necessary food, clothing, school supplies, infrastructure and technology.