Awareness Through the Body

Awareness Through Body is a way to enhance concentration, relaxation and self-knowledge in children and adults.

At NCI, we have tailor-made programs to practice ‘awareness through body’ regularly and make it a way of life, promoting overall well being. We offer a mindfulness training program at local schools and universities in St. Louis that enhances:

  • Concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Self-awareness
Photo of man particpating in ATB workshop
NCI Board Member attending ATB session

Benefits of ATB

  • ATB is a program that strengthens one's ability to sustain conscious attention to what one is experiencing, in every moment.
  • It helps in developing awareness of the different levels of consciousness
  • It gives a heightened sense of respect, responsibility, trust, self-confidence, patience, concern and awareness for one’s own timing or pace and that of others.
  • It enhances listening for meaning.
  • It also refines the senses, internalizes them, and develops the kinaesthetic sense.
  • It promotes overall learning - to explore, understand and manage emotions.
  • It makes one more aware of breathing patterns, their effects on the various parts of the being, and how breath can be used to effect changes within the self.
  • Awareness through body improves the capacity to adapt and be flexible.
  • It instills a sense of collaboration.

What ATB practitioners have to say..

It has been variously described as “serious fun” or an “introduction to witness consciousness” and perhaps more contemporarily as “Jedi Training” by a class of youngsters in Texas.


As one 12 year old said, “When I think about ATB the first thing that comes to my mind is fun. And another thing that comes to my mind is concentration. In ATB I learned how to get quiet inside and how to pay attention to one thing for a while.”


“… first unify the different parts of your own being.” – Sri Aurobindo

ATB Tips (Practice Any Time, Anywhere)

  • The activities are creative, and often fun.
  • Some of the activities are unique, while others are inspired by a wide variety of disciplines including: Dance, Hatha Yoga, Taoism, Martial Arts, Physiotherapy, Somatic, Shiatsu, Relaxation Techniques, and Breathing Therapies
  • Be in the moment without taking anything for granted.
  • Take, give and expect the appropriate amount of responsibility.
  • Find your own pace and inner patterns.
  • Become aware of the inner and outer space simultaneously