Self Discovery

What is Self Discovery

Self Discovery is the process of discovering within oneself the secret guide and teacher, and of taking up the charge of educating oneself progressively and integrally. It is an act of obtaining self knowledge.


At NCI, we are creating a community to support, nourish and encourage each other in the development of self discovery, awareness & leadership. Our customized programs and initiatives create an experiential learning environment for individuals to find the tools that are suitable to their needs. We understand that every journey is unique and requires commitment to self, permission to focus on the proces, and a safe space to share and express freely.

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Benefits of Self Discovery

  • Self Discovery helps instill a strong sense of working on the limits & transcend them towards excellence
  • It helps uncover your passion and build a connection with yourself
  • It motivates you to heal yourself and understand the true meaning of life
  • Self Discovery is a pillar of self growth and confidence
  • It makes you unique, secure and helps you live more intentionally
  • It is a journey toward compassion and belief in self

What self discovery practitioners have to say

The greatest discovery in life is self-discovery. Until you find yourself you will always be someone else. Become yourself.”

- Myles Munroe

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Self Discovery Tips (Practice Any Time, Anywhere)

We have customized programs designed to accommodate a variety of individual r individual needs as you kick off your Self Discovery journey. The starting points are:

  • Understanding purpose in life through simple questions like what, why, and how
  • Experimenting and trying new things
  • Knowing passions and motivation factors, and exploring them further
  • Being true to self
  • Asking questions to self & introspecting